Clever Yoga Mat Review: The Better Grip Yoga Mat

Clever Yoga Mat Review: The Better Grip Yoga Mat

Are you searching for an affordable yoga mat that also gets stellar reviews? With so many brands and styles available, finding the perfect yoga equipment is sometimes confusing. It’s also more time consuming than you might think. Luckily, there’s no need to panic. This Clever Yoga Mat Better Grip is here to save your day!

The most important step in yoga is to get started and stay committed. We want to help you answer nagging questions about mats so that you can move on with actual yoga. Now, more about the Clever Yoga Mat Better Grip…

Features of the Clever Yoga Mat Better Grip

Size and Thickness

Whether you choose to practice yoga at home, at the studio, or outside in the presence of Mother Nature’s beauty, you probably want a mat that’s not heavy to carry around. Right? This yoga mat fits the bill. It weighs roughly two pounds and measures 72″ long by 24″ wide.

The Clever Yoga Mat Better Grip is a comfortable 6mm thick. Thickness is one of the main features to consider before deciding on your final purchase. If the mat is too thin, you’re subjecting yourself to the possibility of bangs and bruises. If it’s too thick, chances are you won’t feel a true connection to the floor. As you’re probably aware, a solid connection is necessary to prevent yourself from getting wobbly in the middle of a pose.

Material and Texture

The first yoga mats were made out of PVC, which made them somewhat sticky. The Clever Yoga Mat Better Grip is constructed out of TPE material. TPE is:
• eco-friendly
• 100% recyclable
• odorless
• UV-resistant
• biodegradable
• and free of toxic materials

If you’re allergic to latex, the mat is the perfect choice. It’s reversible and available in several bright colors including red, purple, orange, blue and lime green. If you’re more into darker colors, black is an option too.

The slightly-textured mat helps to eliminate slipping. However, if you’re someone who prefers to wear shoes during your workout, you also have that option. Many people who use the mat claim to wear shoes without issue. Placing the durable mat on wood flooring typically works as well.

Take note, if you store your Clever Yoga Mat Better Grip rolled up, instead of flat, you might need to unroll it and wait a couple of minutes for it to flatten out before you can begin.

Another “must have” feature is this mat’s waterproof construction. Thousands of tiny closed cells prevent germs and moisture from soaking into the surface. This results in a “stinky-free” product that your nose will definitely appreciate.

If you practice hot yoga, you will get sweaty. There’s no way to avoid it. Although Clever Yoga recommends that you place a yoga towel on top of the mat to stop annoying movement-related squeaking sounds, it’s not absolutely necessary. Because of the previously mentioned closed-cell construction, you can simply wipe off your sweat after your session.

Purchasing Considerations

Additional accessories

On the downside, this mat doesn’t come with a carry strap or a storage bag. However both items are available as a separate purchase (check prices on the strap and bag). The prices are affordable, so you won’t break the bank.

A Lifetime, No-Questions-Asked Warranty!

An added benefit of buying this mat from Clever Yoga is the fact that you’re purchasing from a small, family-owned, business that offers a “Namaste” lifetime warranty on this product. No questions asked! Even better, if you find it necessary to contact the company, you’ll actually get to speak with one of the owners. And, let’s face it, that doesn’t happen often. You won’t find this good of a risk-free lifetime guarantee from any other brand. Certainly not at this low price!

Upgrading to a Premium Yoga Mat

The Better Grip is a solid starter mat from Clever Yoga. If you want their premium product with even better non-slip performance, we recommend you check out the Clever Yoga LiquidBalance instead.

Buy the Clever Yoga Mat Better Grip Now

Click here to buy the Clever Yoga BetterGrip Mat at Amazon.
Honestly, if you practice yoga at a studio or public facility, you really should purchase your own mat. Why? There’s no way to be completely sure that shared mats are properly cleaned after each use.

Think about it. The only thing left to do is to pick your favorite color, take a couple of minutes to place your order, and wait for your new mat to be delivered to your door. Let the triangle pose and cat-cow stretches begin!

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