Performing Yoga While Pregnant – Is Yoga Safe?

Performing Yoga While Pregnant – Is Yoga Safe?

Many pregnant women often wonder if they can keep performing yoga while pregnant. In fact, many doctors recommend yoga for pregnant women. If you all ready take yoga classes, there is no need for you to stop. On the other hand, if you are a beginner you definitely want to take some precautions. We have outlined some of these below for you.

Why Practice Yoga While Pregnant?

Yoga can be really beneficial for both mom and developing baby. Yoga is a good way to help get your body prepared for the actual birth of your child. Just look for specific Prenatal Yoga Classes. This way you can be certain that each class has been tailored towards each trimester of your pregnancy. 

Just as with any type of pregnancy pay attention to your body. If you are feeling sore, or a pose is just too difficult, try to modify it. Ask your yoga instructor for help with modifying any pose or position.

As with any type of exercise if anything causes you pain then stop immediately. Remember that your ligaments are joints respond differently while you are pregnant. There is no point in causing an injury.

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Benefits of Yoga While Pregnant

One of the biggest benefits of taking yoga classes during your pregnancy is that it can really help you prepare for the birth, mentally. Plus, yoga has been shown to help reduce the amount of stress during labor as well, both physically and mentally. Moms who have taken yoga also reported that they regained their energy quickly.

Yoga also helps reduce your mood swings, both during pregnancy and afterwards. Another great point is that your joints will feel less sore, especially as you progress and grown in size.

Recommended Prenatal Yoga Poses

There are specific yoga poses that are recommended while pregnant, and should be done regularly. The benefit of these yoga poses is that they have very little impact on your joints.

The Cobblers Pose is a pose that helps your hips open and it can be done while reclining if necessary. You are going to sit on the floor and put the soles of your feet together. You then gently push your knees towards the floor.

The Modified Bellows Pose is another helpful position to learn. This pose teaches you to breathe better and will assist you during the delivery process. You want to hold your arms out with palms together and breathe deeply. Let your shoulders relax and exhale while placing your hands on your knees allowing your back to arch.

Both of these poses will help you stretch your muscles and allow your body tension to disappear. You are going to enjoy these benefits in your last trimester.

As you can see performing yoga while pregnant is a great match. As long as you don’t push your body and modify your classes you should encounter no problems. Once your baby is born you should wait at least six weeks before returning to yoga classes. Always check with your doctor before returning to class.

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