Why Yoga? Clearing up Yoga Myths

Why Yoga? Clearing up Yoga Myths

When you hear the word yoga what is the first impression that comes to mind? You may envision people sitting on a yoga mat meditating and wondering if they are burning any calories or getting any value from this? Many of your first impressions can actually be put down to one thing and that is yoga myths!

Dispelling Yoga Myths

Your thoughts of yoga not being a true exercise is nothing but a common yoga myth and what you need to remember is that yoga is a form of strength training. You are actually using the weight of your own body to perform many of the poses. While you may not end up sweating profusely, you will be getting a great workout.

Another common yoga myth is that it is for lazy people as the movements are performed so slowly. Actually slow movements have less of an impact on your body which makes yoga safe for just about everyone.  The slow and steady movements of yoga work deep inside your muscles. This is why people who take yoga classes regularly have long, lean muscles. This can look really attractive!

Now let’s talk about the calories you can burn with yoga. As you know you should try to move as much as possible each day, as the movement will burn calories. During a yoga class you are moving so the number of calories you will burn will depend upon the length of your yoga session. Some forms of yoga will also allow you to burn more calories than others. If you are looking to burn calories with yoga, then look for classes that include Bikram or Ashtanga yoga. If you take a 90-minute class, you could burn up to 1300 calories. This also debunks any yoga myth that you can’t lose weight doing yoga.

Who is yoga for? You may think that yoga is only for women, or for those who are already skinny. Again this is another yoga myth that is not true at all! Many men perform yoga on a regular basis. It is a great exercise for seniors over 50, young children, pregnant women and more. Regardless of your age, gender or ability you can learn yoga. Yoga is popular with women because it can be done anywhere and doesn’t require lots of fancy equipment or a gym membership. Moms can do yoga at home while their kids are sleeping.

In conclusion yoga is a great exercise for anyone. It is safe and can really help you strengthen your body. If you are ready to take your first yoga class you may wish to invest in Yoga Mat. A good yoga mat can really help you feel comfortable while exercising. They can help cushion your knees and provide you with stability and many mats now have a non slip coating on them.

A yoga mat does not need to be expensive and can make a huge difference in you taking up yoga regularly. A yoga mat can easily be rolled up and comes with a carrying strap. Many can also be placed into a bag, which is also convenient for storage. We will be reviewing yoga mats in more detail on this blog.

Be sure to check back to this blog regularly to read our reviews and to learn more about the benefits of yoga. Feel free to let us know if you have a specific brand or type of yoga mat you would like reviewed.

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