About Us

Yoga’s been a part of my life since I was a young teenager. It was a way to express myself, relax, and make new friends. In a world running at an increasingly frenetic pace, yoga has remained a calm, restoring force.

Today, I practice yoga in my home studio in the Bay Area, but in the past, I’ve tried almost everything under the sun. I’ve taught yoga classes before, but my focus these days is on my family.

I still wanted to share my love of yoga with more people, though, so I’ve teamed up with June and Paul, two yoga lovers and lovable geeks, who are helping me out with this site. We want to make Yoga Mat Reviews a worthy resource for all yoga fans.

One of my favorite joys is introducing someone to a lifelong yoga habit, and I hope I can do that for some of you. But I want to to encourage everyone, new and old, in your yoga journey.

Thanks for visiting, and please enjoy your stay!

Joseph A. Miller, Yoga Superfan!