Review of Best Jute Yoga Mats

Material is one of the most important factors when deciding on your next yoga mat. For a variety of reasons, many yoga practitioners are drawn to natural fibers. In this article, we will explore the best jute yoga mats available.

Why Jute Yoga Mats?

Jute is a vegetable fiber that can be spun and used to create a variety of materials, including familiar items like burlap sacks. Its production makes it affordable, and eco-friendly. It also turns out the product is ideal for yoga mats.

The material offers firmer resistance than many foams. This ensures better grip when performing yoga. Firmness is also important when you want a mat that will last a longer period of time.

One downside to jute is that, being a natural fiber, it may require some clean up. This is especially true the first couple of times a jute mat is used. Expect some shedding. The texture and shedding factor mean that a purely jute mat is probably not a good idea. However, some companies are using the natural bonuses of jute to improve their yoga mats.

Best Jute Yoga Mat for Portability


hugger mugger sattva jute yoga mat

The Sattva Jute Mat by Hugger Mugger is one of the best jute yoga mats for portability. It’s extremely lightweight, in this case around 2.5 pounds, making it ideal for taking to classes or to practice somewhere new. This jute mat will hold its firmness for a long time, even after being transported repeatedly.

This mat comes with a backing of PER (Polymer Environmental Resin) to assist with its stickiness and help it stay put on the floor during your poses. This coating is hypoallergenic, and unlikely to grow mildew. Clean up is as simple as wiping it down. Machine washing is definitely not recommended, as the the underside needs to retain some of its stick to remain effective.

One thing to keep in mind with this mat it is a natural fiber mat that will require some wearing down for softness. Unlike foam mats, which are created with smooth textures in mind, jute mats are highly textured and woven to increase grip and absorption.

Also, while this mat will keep its firmness longer than other yoga mats, its density is not high. It does cushion against the floor, but sitting in poses on your knees for long periods of time are not as ideal as ones where you are seated.

While it weighs the least out of the mats our list, it is long than other mats. This is a bonus for taller people who fret over mats with enough length that they also need to take to classes.

Best Jute Yoga Mat for Versatility


natural athletics jute yoga mat reviews

Sometimes we use yoga mats for different kinds of yoga, pilates, or other fitness activities. The Natural Jute Exercise/Yoga Mat by I am Athletics is the most versatile on our list. Its blend of jute and eco PVC give it enough firmness and grip to hold up to repeated pilates movements and holding yoga poses. It also comes in two color combinations that highlight the texture of the natural jute. This yoga mat is easy to look at in any setting.

However, this mat is not very absorptive, and requires a towel when used for hot yoga. Luckily, it is easily cleaned, with just a damp cloth.

Best Jute Yoga Mat for Beginners

yogimall natural jute pvc yoga mat

Those new to yoga mats made from natural fibers and not just foam may want to ease their way into the category. Yogi Mall’s Jute/Eco PVC Premium yoga mat is a great intermediary mat that is beautiful to look at and has two sides. It comes in 3 colors and includes a velcro strap for transportation.

One side is made of jute and the other is PVC eco plastic, so that you can choose when the added grip of jute would be beneficial. That being said, one complaint about this mat is its low blend of jute to PVC. In use, it may become more slippery than other natural fiber mats. The jute will also have to be worn in and provides a lot more texture than foam mats. The good news is that it can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

Best Jute Yoga Mats: Conclusions

Jute mats offer a lot of benefits to the ecologically conscious, as they are made from materials that have less of an ecological impact than yoga mats made entirely of manufactured foam. However, not all jute mats are ideal for all practices. Some are heavier, and some mixed with materials that create more slip than grip. When picking the best jute yoga mat for you, keep in mind how and where you intend to use it.

Review of Best Cork Yoga Mats

Cork is a great material for yoga flooring in regular practice spaces. Made from natural materials, it is ideal for yogis looking for eco-friendly, easily maintained materials. However, some companies are making yoga mats to take the benefits of cork on the go. Let’s review the best cork yoga mats.

Why Cork Yoga Mats?

The demands of different kinds of yoga are attracting many people to new materials that better support their practice. One material with unique advantages is cork. The best cork yoga mats have excellent absorption with better grip as they warm up.

This does not mean that all cork yoga mats are the same. Ideally, characteristics of a cork yoga mat are that it does not require breaking in and that cork is naturally antimicrobial. It does not pick up or attract bacteria that grows in open celled foam mats, and is easily cleaned while holding up to the hardest yoga practices.

Cork tends to be a heavier material for yoga gear. Instead of being blended, it is often layered to increase effectiveness as a mat material. These materials should have some stick to assist with floor grip. This ensures that the mat lays flat instead of curling up at the corner, as cork is a stiff material. The best mat for your yoga practice may rely on this second material to enhance the natural advantages of the cork.

Best Cork Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga

roots professional cork yoga mat review

Cork in general is encouraged for hot yoga. This is because when it warms up, the material creates more friction for more grip in those slippery poses. The best mat for hot yoga on our list is the Roots Professional Cork Yoga Mat, which offers an open-celled rubber base to grip the floor. This double sided mat uses aspects of two materials to optimized hot yoga practice.

It can be used on both sides, but however it is used, this mat will remain dense and has a high absorption rate. This cuts down on pooling during hot yoga sessions, which is a major concern. While the rubber is ideal for gripping the floor, it can also be used for a smoother experience when practicing yoga.

Best Cork Yoga Mat for Easy Cleaning

yoloha nomad cork yoga mat review

When looking for the best cork yoga mat, cleaning and break in period may be a concern. However, the Yoloha Nomad Cork Yoga Mat takes these worries out of the equation. It has a foam base with a top layer of cork. The combination of materials in this mat make it easily cleaned. It just has to be wiped down with vinegar and water or another gentle cleaning solution.

The foam is also resistant to bacteria, while the cork is naturally antimicrobial. This means that neither sliding around on the floor nor bacteria are a worry with this yoga mat. In use, the mat has a high absorption with a smooth texture.

However, with this cork mat, keep in mind that the foam is not meant to be used as a surface for practicing yoga. While it is layered, it’s a single sided mat, optimized to get the most out of the cork layer.

Best Yoga Mat for Comfort

gaia guy natural cork rubber yoga mat

The Natural Cork & Natural Rubber Yoga Mat produced by Gaia Guy is made from ecologically sound materials that offer a smooth feel. Despite its smooth surface, its grip does improve as it heats up and becomes wet. It is designed for the best texture with support from the rubber underlayer. This mat will lay nice and flat while providing enough density to cushion you from the floor during yoga.

While this is another mat that utilizes rubber and cork together, the gripping nature of the rubber is meant to be enjoyed with that side on the floor. This is not a dual sided mat. This particular cork yoga mat also does not have the highest absorption. While it will be better than a regular foam mat for hot yoga, expect a little pooling in warmer practices. To fight the smell that may come with regular sweating, it’s suggested this cork yoga mat is cleaned with a organic soap and sun-dried.

Best Cork Yoga Mats: Conclusions

Cork yoga mats combine natural materials with excellent feel to create a pleasurable and easy yoga experience. The key to the best cork yoga mats is a smoothly applied cork layer with a sticky under layer for gripping to the floor. When picking your cork mat, be sure to pay attention to the combination of materials to choose the one that will benefit you the most and allows for the easiest maintenance for your practice.

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clever yoga better grip mat

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