Clever Yoga LiquidBalance Mat Review: The Number One Premium Yoga Mat

Clever Yoga LiquidBalance Mat Review: The Number One Premium Yoga Mat

The Clever Yoga LiquidBalance yoga mat is the number one premium yoga mat on the market right now, even beating out the famous Manduku mats. This luxurious mat provides plenty of cushion, a no-nonsense solid grip that even works during hot yoga, and is easy to carry and maintain. You also get a lifetime, no-questions asked warranty from Clever Yoga, a really one-of-a-kind customer-friendly service. Stop being disappointed with your yoga mat and get the Clever Yoga LiquidBalance. Read on for a detailed review.

We will go over key feature of the Clever Yoga LiquidBalance mat, and then answer common questions you might have about purchasing the LiquidBalance.

Clever Yoga LiquidBalance Mat Features

Amazing No-Slip Grip Even Under Sweaty Condition

This mat is not called the LiquidBalance for nothing. It can be difficult or even dangerous to try yoga poses on a slippery surface. If you sweat on your mat or have sweaty palms or limbs, you will find that most so-called premium mats lose their grip. The LiquidBalance, on the other hand, maintains an excellent grip even in the most demanding hot yoga classes. The upper surface has an excellent polyurethane coating that just really works well. The natural rubber bottom surface provides a tight grip on the floor. Online users swear that this is the best gripping mat of any they have tried, even beating out the premium Manduka or Jade mats.

We cannot emphasize enough, if you are a hot yoga practitioner, you need to buy this mat. No other mat compares under very sweaty conditions. The security from the solid grip will have a huge impact on your yoga. Read the many reviews yourself that state this same thing here. Even for regular yoga, the extra grip will help you with poses you might find challenging like chatarunga, crow, and so on.

The other difference with premium mats is that they stay flat on the floor immediately. Cheaper mats can have that annoying curled shape once you unroll them. You know how annoying this can be, and that extra mental push to flatten out the mat during a pose can also make you stumble. The Clever Yoga LiquidBalance stays flat immediately after you unroll it. That’s the sign of a premium mat.

Great Comfort and Performance

The point of using a yoga mat is to cushion your joints so they are not against the hard floor, while still providing a solid base for poses. The Clever Yoga mat is 4.5mm thick and feels super comfortable, with just the right balance of cushion and support.

At 72.8 inches long and 26.8 inches wide, the Clover Yoga LiquidBalance is also a bit larger than the standard 72 inches by 24 inches yoga mat. While this isn’t a huge difference, you do get a bit of bonus room for your poses, so you don’t need to worry as much about stepping off your mat.

This mat is also quite durable. If you like natural rubber mats, other rubber mats wear out and get stains where you typically lay your hands or feet like during dog down. The Clever Yoga LiquidBalance will not wear out and be deformed over time because it does not absorb the sweat and bacteria that degrade the rubber. A polyurethane top coating protects that mat.

Eco-Friendly and Safe Materials and Construction

For many of us yogi, health and harmony go hand in hand. The Clever Yoga LiquidBalance mat is made from sustainable harvesting of natural rubber trees. That means Clever Yoga uses environmentally friendly materials. This is also good for you! There are no toxic chemicals are other materials like latex that cause common allergies. The mat layers are bonded by heat, not toxic glues.

The top surface coating and closed-cell construction prevent the absorption and growth of bacteria inside the mat. That means the mat won’t smell bad, and you won’t risk getting an infection from a bacterial breeding ground. You can simply wipe off the top surface and quickly air dry to clean the mat. We already mentioned the superior durability that is another benefit of the non-absorbent upper layer.

Lifetime Warranty and Outstanding Customer Service

The Clever Yoga customer service is legendary. They provide a lifetime, no-questions-asked warranty for full refund or product replacement. They call this the “Namaste” guarantee. You can read over and over again how impressed customers are with the small family-run business and its dedication to keeping customers happy. Please, please, please, though, do not take advantage of their excellent service. The warranty should give you peace of mind when purchasing this premium product.

While the price of the Clever Yoga LiquidBalance is higher than some cheap mats, it lasts much longer and has a warranty to back it up. If you go through several yoga mats each year because they wear out or are unsatisfactory, you are already spending too much money on yoga mats. Just get the right one and stick with it, and we are sure the LiquidBalance is the right one!

Common Questions About Purchasing the Clever Yoga LiquidBalance

If you are not already convinced that you should buy the Clever Yoga LiquidBalance, we hope to answer any remaining questions you might have.

How do I care for my mat?

Clever Yoga recommends that you wash the mat with a mild soap and air dry after each use. We find that quick wipe with a yoga mat spray is sufficient to keep it fresh.

When you roll up the mat, you should also keep the upper polyurethane layer on the outside of the roll. This prevents wrinkles from forming int the coating upper coating.

How long does the mat last? Does the mat stain?

The LiquidBalance is much more durable than other mats because it repels the sweat and bacteria that normally stain and degrade mats. If you purchase the white-colored mat, note that the mat can get slightly discolored over time. If you like to walk outdoors barefoot and use the white mat, you shouldn’t expect the mat to stay perfectly white. This is common sense, though. Remember, you do have the lifetime replacement warranty no matter what.

What accessories does the LiquidBalance come with?

The Clever Yoga LiquidBalance mat from Amazon comes with a carrying bag. Of course you can always purchase your own personalized yoga mat bag. The slightly larger dimensions should fit in most bags.

How does the Clever Yoga LiquidBalance compare to other premium brands?

Most people we have talked to who have used the other brands like Manduka, Jade, or Lululemon all prefer the quality and appearance of the Clever Yoga LiquidBalance. The Manduka is heavier but actually feels like it provides less cushioning. The Lululemon mats had some similar performance, but people complain about the chemical smell. You won’t have the same odor problem with the LiquidBalance. The price of the LiquidBalance is similar or cheaper with deals than the other brands, plus you get the unbeatable warranty.

Is the lifetime warranty real?

Yes, the 100% refund or replacement lifetime warranty, no questions asked, is very real. You can find out about it in the customer reviews. In fact, some customers are worried about describing it too much because some unscrupulous fellows may take advantage of the family-run business. Rest assured your purchase is backed by the highest quality of customer service directly from the company founders.

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