Kulae Yoga Towel for Bikram and Hot Yoga

Kulae Yoga Towel for Bikram and Hot Yoga

The Kulae Yoga Towel: A Surprisingly Good Yoga Towel

Key Features

  • Microfiber construction for durability and comfort
  • variety of color choices that stays vibrant after use
  • anti-bacterial properties; easy to clean and dry
  • Ideal for use with hot yoga to prevent slipping; super-absorbing material that grips yoga mats firmly once wet
  • Can take the place of a yoga mat when necessary
  • Slightly longer than standard yoga mats to ensure complete coverage; size of 74″ x 25″
  • 100% recycled materials for eco-friendly construction

Mini-review of the Kulae Yoga Towel

The Kulae Yoga Towel is a solid purchase, especially for use with hot yoga. Similar products from Manduka, Yogitoes, and Hugger are all more expensive. In terms of quality, the more expensive brands will be slightly better, but if you want a good deal, the Kulae Yoga Towel is a perfectly serviceable option.

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