Cool Yoga Mats

While you’re doing yoga, you don’t want to be staring down at a blank and boring mat. In many ways, your yoga mat is a reflection of your own personality. That’s why it’s important to buy a yoga mat that will bring you entertainment when you’re turning your mind inward. Below, you can find a comprehensive list of cool yoga mats that will optimize your experience as a yogi.

Cool Yoga Mats

Salvatore Principe Yoga Mat by Zennery Sands

Zennery has created a yoga mat which is both stylish and reliable in their Deluxe Non-Slip Yoga Mat. The 6mm memory foam mat provides great cushioning and has an extra grippy surface on the bottom to prevent slipping on the floor. This mat also comes with a strap for easy carrying. The yoga mat is light, easy-to-clean, and generally a solid choice.

However, the real reason you would buy this mat is because it is absolutely gorgeous. These works of art are the result of a collaboration with Salvatore Principe, who is best known for selling his work to celebrities and high-end commercial clients. Now, you can carry a piece of his art with you to yoga class!

The above picture shows the intricate and beautiful designs of Salvatore Principe. There are three designs to this yoga mat. There’s Flowing Hearts, shown in the above picture, as well as Flow and Emerging Hearts.

The design of Flow is both complex and stunning. Made from several shades of blue, black, and white, the yoga towel appears to show tall animals, which morph into some form of geometric shapes or architecture as the design moves to the base of the towel. Emerging Hearts seems to be the exact opposite of Flow. It’s made of warm and welcoming colors that, like the name suggests, calls for yogis to lay their emerging hearts onto the towel.

Click on the link above to check out all of Salvatore’s terrific designs.

Premium Yoga Mat With Integrated Towel by Abundant Life Yoga

Abundant Life Yoga’s Premium Yoga Mat with Integrated Towel is another great yoga mat to consider. The integrated towel doesn’t mean you get a second towel. Rather, the upper surface is a towel-like fabric, similar in construction to the Combo Yoga Mats by Yoga Design Lab (review link). These combination towel-yoga mats are meant to soak up sweat so that you maintain a good grip without needing to overlay a separate towel. One tip for new users is that towels and towel-mat combinations generally increase their grip after a little bit of moisture. Spraying your water bottle over the surface is completely normal to start out your workout. Otherwise, you might find a completely dry surface to actually be more slippery than usual.

The other benefit of combination towel-mats is that the absorbent layers are easy to dye with stunning patterns like you see here. Note, though, that the upper surface should be washed regularly since it absorbs EVERYTHING. Luckily, this Abundat Life Yoga’s mat is machine washable. In addition, the yoga mat is eco-friendly. This means that the yoga mat is completely free of toxins, fadin, phthalates, and staining. These cool yoga mats are biodegradable, recyclable, and are resistant to smells.

Again, though, the real reason to consider this mat are the wonderful patterns. The above picture is an example of just one of these designs, titled Calming Ornate. It features nature-like patterns which create a true connection between you, the yogi, and the ground beneath you. With this yoga mat, there is always something for you to focus on so that you can drive yourself to get through your practice. There are six other designs titled Collected Patterns, Evening Bloom, Grassy Meadow, Harmonious Greens, Peaceful Calm, and Untroubled Sand. Each one of these designs is used to provide that connection between your soul, your body, and your surroundings.

Kess InHouse Yoga Mats by Mandie Manzano

Kess Inhouse is a company that makes several ornate and intricate designs for yoga mats. There is a very wide range of designs because they hire real artists, each with his or her own visual style. As a sign of good will, Kess InHouse gives a commission to the original artist for each yoga mat sold with his or her artwork.

We’ve selected one of the artists, Mandie Manzano, to highlight here, although you can see all Kess InHouse yoga mats by clicking here. There are twenty-four designs in the Kess InHouse Mandie Manzano line, all of which have amazing names; such as, Fairy Tale Alice in Wonderland and One Little Brite. With these cool yoga mats, you have the complete opportunity to buy a yoga mat that suits your needs and reflects your personality. If you’re a person who is more zen and looking for a relaxing practise, then the mat I Miss You may be best because it is calm and features a gentle and peaceful design. Mats like She Devil Full, on the other hand, are perhaps best suited for those who are looking for a challenging and sweaty yoga practice

Parting words

Yoga takes determination and drive. That’s why you must be sure to buy a yoga mat that is designed to reflect your needs and your personality. When you’re in a challenging pose and ready to give up, it’s your yoga mat that you’ll be looking down at. When you begin your practice and center yourself, it’s the strength that you get from your mat which will allow you to keep going. The above cool yoga mats are the perfect examples of yoga mats with amazing designs to aid you in getting the most from your practice.

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