Cool Yoga Mats

While you’re doing yoga, you don’t want to be staring down at a blank and boring mat. In many ways, your yoga mat is a reflection of your own personality. That’s why it’s important to buy a yoga mat that will bring you entertainment when you’re turning your mind inward. Below, you can find a … Read moreCool Yoga Mats

Best psychedelic yoga mat reviews

Are you looking for a psychedelic yoga mat? We’ve previously reviewed a collection of pretty yoga mats that included some psychedelic designs from Free Thirty Three, Nirvana, and ToulaFit. Here we cover a couple new brands with even more awesome yoga mat designs. Soul Obsession Psychedelic Yoga Mat Review If you are looking for a … Read moreBest psychedelic yoga mat reviews

The Pretty Yoga Mat Collection

You don’t have to abandon all sense of fashion and self-image when you enter a yoga class. Let’s be honest. It’s fun to look good at the gym. Here are some of the best-looking yoga mats with beautiful designs that show off your style. Pick the one that fits you. Or who says you have to pick … Read moreThe Pretty Yoga Mat Collection