Full-Zip Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag with Cargo Pocket

The full-zip Gaiam yoga mat bag bag with cargo pocket is just what you need to carry your mat and any accessories with you. Let’s review the key advertised features.

Full-Zip Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag Features


Soft yet durable construction.

The bag is 100% cotton and feels comfortable to carry. In terms of durability, that bag should be fine, but a few people have reported that the zipper can break. This is likely because a yoga mat that is too large is being forced into it. See the note on dimensions below.

Adjustable shoulder strap for customized bag length

The strap works pretty well. It can bunch up along the adjuster  at times if you are super-picky about that sort of thing.

Full zip closure for easy in and out

The full-zip closure is what makes the Gaiam yoga mat bag worth buying. Drawstring and top loader yoga mat bags can be annoying to pack and unpack. Drawstrings do not keep out dust, either, during storage.

Front cargo pocket to carry gear and workout essentials.

The extra pocket can hold a thin towel, but don’t expect to cram too much in here.

Back pocket to hold your phone/MP3 player

If the yoga mat is a tight fit, it will be hard to use both this pocket and the front cargo pocket.

Size of 25″ length x 6″ diameter

The Gaiam yoga mat bag fits standard yoga mats or slightly smaller. The standard yoga mat is 72″ by 24″, although sizes vary by brand and model. People report fitting clothes or towels (laid flat not rolled separately) along with their yoga mats. However, if you have a thick and large mat, the fit can be snug.

Buying the Full-Zip Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag

The Gaiam yoga mat bag definitely looks good with many colorful designs to choose from. The only problem is that some of the more popular designs like “Tree of Wisdom” can be more expensive or out of stock.

Check colors and prices on the Full-Zip Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag

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