Review of the Jade Voyager Yoga Mat

Jade Yoga is one of the big names in yoga mats. In this review, we take a look at the Jade Voyager, which is the travel mat offering from Jade Yoga. Read on to find out more about this yoga mat when portability is your top priority.

Jade Voyager Yoga Mat Review

At 1/16” thick and just one and a half pounds, there are few yoga mats thinner or lighter than the Jade Voyager Yoga Mat. While this might not be great if you are looking for a thick yoga mat, if you are looking for a foldable travel mat, this is a great option. When you’re practicing on it, you’ll find that the Jade Voyager has just enough cushioning to comfort you through your poses. The worst thing for any yogi is owning a thin mat that feels like you’re practicing on the hard floor. The natural rubber that the mat is made of is, perhaps, what makes it so comfortable to stand on. Because it is thin, though, you’ll feel the support of the ground beneath you as you practice.

If you’re truly a person who likes to practice with a lot of cushioning, then you should consider placing the Jade Voyager on top of one of your other mats. The will allow you to keep the support of the Voyager, while adding some comfort from your other mat. The lack of padding in the yoga mat is also beneficial if you go to yoga classes that are held in a padded room. Oftentimes, your feet will slip from the floor of the padded room, so you can bring your yoga mat to provide you with the grip you need, all the while maintaining the comfort of the room’s floor. It works great in hotel rooms if you are traveling for business, for example.

At only 1.5 pounds, you’ll also be able to lug it around wherever you go. How many times have you skipped a yoga routine because you didn’t have enough time in the morning and had to go to work? Well, you no longer have this excuse because you can bring your mat to work, to your school, or wherever else you’re planning to go. It even folds to fit into small bags.

If you’re one of the many people who has an addiction to yoga mats, or if you’re just looking to buy a new one, then you should consider the Jade Voyager for your next purchase.

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