Daiso yoga mat review

Daiso yoga mat review

Everyone loves Daiso with it’s collection of cute and cheap random stuff. If you are thinking of buying a yoga mat from them, please re-consider. Read our Daiso yoga mat review to avoid disappointment.

Daiso yoga mat review

Daiso regularly stocks different brands of yoga mats. These typically cost $3-$7. Sounds like a good deal, right? As with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

These yoga mats are typically manufactured in China and sold in bulk by Alibaba or other resellers. Daiso then slaps their label on it. We’ve tried out the cheap Daiso yoga mats before, and they are exactly what you might expect for such a price.

The problem with cheap mats is 1) they fall apart REALLY quickly and 2) they are super slippery to the point of being dangerous. If you don’t believe us yet, read our reviews of the worst yoga mats. These brands cost 10 times more than Daiso, and they still fall apart within one or two uses. Do you really think a $5 knockoff from China is going to do any better?

Daiso is a great dollar-style type place for knick-knacks, but for a yoga mat, look elsewhere.

To learn how to pick a yoga mat, read our comprehensive yoga mat buying guide. You should expect to spend about $20 for a solid beginner’s yoga mat. Don’t buy the ones from Walmart or Target, though. There’s a world of difference between a good and bad $20 yoga mat.

clever yoga better grip

For beginners, we recommend Clever Yoga’s Better Grip yoga mat (Amazon link), which we review here. It comes with a lifetime warranty and the best customer service from any yoga company.

Daiso yoga mat review: conclusion

To finish up our Daiso yoga mat review, just do yourself a favor, and don’t buy the Daiso yoga mat. In the end, you’ll spend more money if you have to replace it after 2-3 uses. If you injure yourself from slipping, the cost is even greater. Please read the main yoga mat guide we suggested above.


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