Best psychedelic yoga mat reviews

psychedelic yoga mat

Are you looking for a psychedelic yoga mat? We’ve previously reviewed a collection of pretty yoga mats that included some psychedelic designs from Free Thirty Three, Nirvana, and ToulaFit. Here we cover a couple new brands with even more awesome yoga mat designs.

Soul Obsession Psychedelic Yoga Mat Review

soul obsession psychedelic yoga mat

If you are looking for a psychedelic yoga mat, the first place to start is with Soul Obsession’s Pychedelic Consciousness Yoga Mats (Amazon link). Shown above is the Cosmic State style, as well as samples of their other color options. Soul Obsession’s yoga mats are made with a towel-like microfiber top bonded to a lower natural rubber layer in an eco-friendly manufacturing process. The soft microfiber upper layer has two purposes. It absorbs sweat to maintain a good gripping surface. You won’t need a separate yoga towel in standard yoga conditions. The microfiber surface also retains the water-based inks for creating great psychedelic yoga mat patterns. The Soul Obsession yoga mat is 68″ x 24″ and 4mm thick, which is pretty standard for a yoga mat. Overall, it’s a great choice if you want one of their awesome designs.

DiaNoche Designs Psychedelic Yoga Mat Review

dianoche psychedelic yoga mat

DiaNoche Designs sells a large number of psychedelic yoga mat patterns (Amazon link). Shown above is the Psychedelic Labrador design. These PVC mats are very light despite being slightly larger than average at 72″ x 24″. An orange carrying case is included in the purchase.

The DiaNoche Designs are also 6mm thick for extra cushioning. A textured back prevents slipping on hardwood floors, and the upper surface works fine for regular yoga. Note that very harsh chemical cleaning agents will fade the gorgeous designs, so take care when cleaning the mat. See our article on how to clean yoga mats if you need guidance on gentle yoga mat maintenance.

Kess InHouse Psychedelic Yoga Mat Reviews

Kess InHouse is a unique brand that focuses on bringing real art to consumer goods. Their psychedelic yoga mat designs come from real artists, and a portion of each sale goes back to the original artist. The mats are solid yoga mats with 6mm of foam cushioning and a non-slip back side.  Mats are 72″x24″, which is within the normal size range. When washing these colorful yoga mats, you should use gentle cleaners.

Here are a couple of our favorite artists that focus on vibrant colors and spiritual themes.. Each artist has aywhere from 10-30 different designs, so be sure to click through each artists’ link and check out their full portfolio of psychedelic yoga mat patterns.

kess inhouse psychedlic yoga mat

Mandie Manzano’s Psychedelic Yoga Mats (Amazon link) include the Believe pattern shown above and over 20 other patterns. Mandi Manzano favors strong but moody colors and large bold shapes. Many of her works seem to echo stain glass window styles.

claire day yoga mat

Claire Day’s Psychedelic Yoga Mats (Amazon link) include the Sweet Sour pattern shown abvoe. Claire Day also has over 20 other patterns. Her style tends towards abstract shapes in psychedelic rainbow mixes. The patterns remind you of an inkblot personality tests, showing you who you really are deep inside.

emine ortega psychedelic yoga mat

Emine Ortega’s Psychedelic Yoga Mats (Amazon link) include the African Beat pattern shown above. Emine Ortega is not strictly psychedelic, but uses well defined clean shapes and mixes of eye-popping colors. We would characterize Ortega’s style as a kind of California indie hipster theme.


The Pretty Yoga Mat Collection

pretty yoga mats

You don’t have to abandon all sense of fashion and self-image when you enter a yoga class. Let’s be honest. It’s fun to look good at the gym. Here are some of the best-looking yoga mats with beautiful designs that show off your style. Pick the one that fits you. Or who says you have to pick just one?

Introducing the Pretty Yoga Mat Collection! We will reveal our top picks at the end.

The Pretty Yoga Mat Collection

Peace Love Yoga
peaceloveyoga pretty yoga mat

These designs from Peace Love Yoga are some of our favorites. While the patterns are colorful and cheerful, they retain a sophisticated and muted tone that lends an air of classiness. From left to right are the Atapa, Soma, Niza, and Kama designs. While we think all the colors are beautiful, the Atapa design is something of a collector’s classic. Due to the limited availability this pattern, it retails for as much as $200 from specialty shops, while the other mats are about $50. If you want the one design that no one else will have, that one is it.


dat mat caprese dat mat rainbow pretty mat dat mat fat cat

These cute designs are from DAT MAT, self-proclaimed maker of the “dopest yoga mats”. If you are looking for something cute and uplifting, these cartoon DAT MAT designs could fit the bill. The four designs you see here are Caprese Salad, Rainbow, Watermelon, and Fat Cat. Designs are in limited stock from short-run prints, so be sure to check the Amazon inventory and order any design you want right away. Each image links to that design’s order page.


gaiam printed reversible yoga mat

The Gaiam Print Premium Reversible Yoga Mats have an interesting reversible design, with a different complementary pattern on each side. You get twice the art and can pick a side depending on your mood for the day. Shown here are the Kiku and Elephant patterns. While these two-tone mats are more subdued that the other designs on this page, the reversible feature sets them apart. Sometimes less is more.

Free Thirty Three

free thirty three yoga mat designs

Free Thirty Three makes some of the most pretty yoga mat prints. Here you see the Bermuda Triangle, Inked, Freebird, and Magic Carpet Ride (Bohemian) yoga mat designs. Their full catalog has five additional gorgeous designs. Free Thirty Three uses a mix of modern and traditional patterns with strong strokes, but keeping to mostly cooler hues prevents the designs from being overpowering. The designs are complicated enough to capture your interest, yet simple enough to avoid being distracting.

Combo Yoga

pretty combo yoga mat

We really like the designs from Combo Yoga Mat. They are thoughtful and elegant, with a touch of modernism yet still mainstream. The designs are neither too loud nor too soft. They are just right! The designs you see here are the Geo, Mandala Purple, Popsicle Maze, and Floral Flow. We are particularly partial to pretty yoga mats in purple shades.

Not just pretty but cool yoga mats

If you are looking for something a bit different, check out these cool yoga mats with very bold, colorful patterns from Nirvana and ToulaFit. If you like these designs, also check out our collection of awesome psychedelic yoga mats.

Nirvananirvana pro pretty yoga mat

Do you like bold statements? The fusion of traditional spirituality and futuristic psychedelics from Nirvana Yoga Mats will add a vibrant energy to your yoga workout. While not for everyone, the right crowd will see that these designs are absolutely awesome. I mean, come on, check out that elephant!


toulafit colorful yoga mats

As you can see, ToulaFit offers some of the most colorful and bright yoga mats. These are the Funky Days, Spring Petals, Jungle Island, and Peacock Bliss designs. Like Nirvana, these designs follow pyschedelic color schemes with bold visuals.

Our Choice for Most Beautiful Yoga Mats

Our favorite brand for yoga mat designs is a tie between Peace Love Yoga and Combo Yoga Mat. They both have a similar sophistication to their designs, but Peace Love Yoga pursues a freeform, organic aesthetic, while Combo Yoga has clean technical patterns. To put it simply, one looks fun and the other looks cool, so depending on your mood, you could go with one or the other. Our top choices for specific designs are the Soma and Niza from Peace Love Yoga and the Geo and Mandala Purple from Combo Yoga.

If we were looking for a somewhat bolder design, we would probably choose the Free Thirty Three Union mats. The Nirvana and ToulaFit mats are even louder, but sometimes seem a bit simplistic in their designs.

For something completely different, we also like the Rainbow and Fat Cat designs from DAT MAT. They stand out as a hip casual urban alternative to the more common naturalistic themes from the other companies.