Liforme Yoga Mat Review

liforme yoga mat review

The Liforme Yoga Mat is one of the most expensive yoga mats on the market. It also claims to be the best yoga mat. Is this true? Read our review to find out.

Liforme Yoga Mat Review

liforme yoga mat review

The Liforme Yoga Mat (Amazon link) is a high end yoga mat. It measures about 73 inches by 27 inches, which is slightly longer and wider than normal, and comes in at fairly normal 4mm thick. So what exactly do you get for the $100+ you pay?

A unique feature of Liforme yoga mats are the alignment lines. These lines help you get proper positioning while you’re practicing. By having proper alignment, you’re able to get the full benefits of your yoga practice because you’ll be able to deepen into each pose confidently. This yoga mat makes it easier to learn yoga on your own because the mat can teach you how to align yourself. It provides you with the opportunity to make your feet and hands equal to each other while practicing, and you can automatically correct yourself if you’re not doing it correctly. The line markers show you exactly how wide you’re supposed to extend your foot, and how far to separate your legs in positions like Warrior I and II.

What else do you get for the price? It’s undisputable that the Liforme yoga mats are very sticky, even under quite wet or sweaty conditions. The grip is top-notch, but you have to clean the mat carefully and take care of it. Otherwise, your very expensive sticky mat will no longer be sticky. The Liforme yoga mat is finicky and has low durability if not cared for properly. We’ve covered this before in our review of expensive yoga mats.

For the environmentally concious, be relieved that LiForMe’s yoga mat uses natural sustainable rubber and is free of harmful phthalates. LiForMe also uses an innovative heating processes which eliminate the need for toxic glues when combining the top and bottom layers of the yoga mat.

Liforme Yoga Mat Review Conclusions

The real reason you buy a mat like this is for shopping satisfaction. This mat is used by some notable Instagram yoga celebrities. It is definitely a polished, luxury item. You’ll have to decide if the price is worth it, particularly with the danger of poor durability. One things for sure. An expensive, name brand item always makes a great gift, even if it wears out quickly. In the short run, your gift recipient will love it!

The most expensive yoga mat reviews

most expensive yoga mat

Are you looking for the most expensive yoga mat? We review the priciest yoga mats you can buy, and discuss what makes them so expensive. Is the price justified? Read on to find out.

Expensive but realistic yoga mats

We want to point out first that the most expensive yoga mat in the world is probably something ridiculous you wouldn’t want to actually buy. For example, in our yoga bag review, we mentioned a Louis Vuitton yoga mat and bag set that costs a couple of thousands of dollars. This isn’t really practical, and the price is definitely not worth it except as some kind of bragging right for rich people. If you haven’t heard of it yet, there’s also the BallerYoga yoga mat made from NFL pebbled leather. These BallerYoga mats cost $500-1500 and also have a decent claim to title of most expensive yoga mat in the world. Is a leather yoga mat crazy? Maybe. You can visit the BallerYoga site if you don’t believe us.

Instead, we’ll focus on the most expensive yoga mat that you would actually want to buy. If you’re looking for a premium yoga mat, you likely simply want the highest quality or be aware of whatever special options are available. Let’s take a look at the best yoga mats that money can buy.

Most expensive yoga mat: extra large option

manduka pro squared yoga mat

The most expensive yoga mat  you would ordinarily buy is an extra large yoga mat. It should make sense that a larger piece of mat would be more expensive. If you are aware of Manduka mats, they are the most famous yoga mat brand and regularly retail for over $100. Their largest yoga mat costs $300 or more. The Manduka PRO Squared Yoga Mat (Amazon link) is a 78″ x 78″ giant square that is 3 times as wide as a normal yoga mat. This mat is meant for your using at home and not carrying with you all the time. You can also use this for two-person yoga poses.

The Manduka Squared Yoga Mat is made from the exact same material as the regular Manduka PRO mats. This means you get the same great grip, long durability, easy clean surface, and overall quality. The only difference is that the Squared mat is only available in black, while the PRO comes in several colors.

Most expensive yoga mat: usual recommendation

manduka mat pro

The regular size Manduka PRO mat (Amazon link) we mentioned above is typically the most expensive yoga mat that you would buy. If you want regular colors, buying the Manduka PRO through Amazon is probably the fastest and cheapest option. Because we’ve reviewed the Manduka mat (review link) before, we won’t go into too many details here. Suffice it to say that this is the number one yoga mat for a good reason.

If you want to get limited edition or newer design patterns, you can go directly to Manduka’s website by clicking here.

Most expensive yoga mat: a Manduka alternative

liforme yoga mat review

If you are looking the most expensive yoga mat that is not a Manduka, the winner would be Liforme’s Yoga Mat (Amazon link). Liforme’s yoga mat is actually more expensive than Manduka. What makes Liforme’s mat special? The Liforme yoga mat is 90% natural rubber with a special upper polyurethane layer that is one of the stickiest mat surfaces you will find. It’s only rival in the stickiness department is the lower cost Clever LiquidBalance (our review link). The alignment markers on the Liforme are also unique and help you achieve precise, perfect poses each time.

The drawback, though, is that these mats degrade over time. See the article at Healthista for some testimonies. The mat probably only lasts 300 uses before degrading. As the mat degrades, the stickiness goes away. While it lasts, it’s great, but you’ll have to buy a new mat every year!

Compare that to the Clever LiquidBalance, which comes with a lifetime no-questions-asked 100% refund or replacement warranty. If you want to burn through money, the Liforme Yoga Mat is okay, but for most people, we would recommend the Clever LiquidBalance or the Manduka PRO instead.