Dunlop Yoga Mat Review

dunlop yoga mat review

Many companies make yoga mats these days, but in almost every case, you should choose a yoga-specific brand instead of a generic offering. In this Dunlop yoga mat review, we’ll take a look at why you might consider alternatives.

Dunlop Yoga Mat Review

The Dunlop yoga mat is a basic entry-level yoga mat available in several colors. Its size is exactly average for a yoga mat at 68 inches by 24 inches. The 6mm thick yoga mat is also on the thicker side if you want extra cushioning, which is good for beginners.

Dunlop doesn’t indicate what material is used, but it is almost certainly a synthetic lightweight foam for low cost and lightweight portability. All in all, this the type of yoga mat you find at a general local retailer.

There’s not a lot of information about the durability of this mat, as it doesn’t seem that popular. However, users of this mat do report the number one common complaint of cheap yoga mats. This yoga mat is very slippery and not useful for real yoga poses.

Dunlop Yoga Mat Review Conclusions

If you are thinking about buying the Dunlop yoga mat, you are probably a beginner looking for a cheap yoga mat to get started. Not all cheap yoga mats are equal. In fact, if you pick a yoga mat at random, you are likely to be disappointed as there are far more bad yoga mats than good ones. Just see our list of bad yoga mats for examples.

For the same price as the Dunlop yoga mat, you can buy the Clever Yoga Better Grip mat (our review here), which has the best gripping surface for a low-cost yoga mat. Clever Yoga also offers a “Namaste” guarantee for a lifetime, and you can get your money back or a replacement at no cost anytime you want. Just email their customer service. Given this alternative, it’s hard to recommend the Dunlop yoga mat.