Review of the Best Zabutons for Meditation

A zabuton is a seating cushion for any yogi or any who practices meditation. The zabuton cushions the ankles and knees of those who practice meditation, depending on your pose and posture. Below you can find the best zabutons to keep you comfortable while meditating.

Yoga Accessories Cotton Zabuton

When you first get into practicing meditation, you’re all over the place. You don’t know how to position yourself and your back aches from being rooted in the same spot for so long. If you don’t have a good zabuton, your legs and knees will hurt from being bent for so long.

With Yoga Accessories’ Cotton Zabuton, you’re promised optimal comfort because the cushion is filled with pure cotton, which is stuffed as much as possible to provide support as well as comfort. It’s not too thick, such that you will topple over. The cover is removable and washable for convenience.

Customer reviews rave about the excellence of Yoga Accessories’ zabuton, as it definitely helps many users meditate for a longer period of time before experiencing discomfort.

Not only can you use the zabuton for meditating, but you can also use it as a prop in yoga. Props allow you to deepen into asanas by supporting you through your poses. In a shoulder stand, you can use a zabuton so that you have something to lean against and to relieve some of the tension in your shoulders while you go through your yoga routine. If you bend the zabuton in half, you can also use it as a bolster, which is used to soften posture and improve relaxation.

Yogavni Round Zafu Cushion for Yoga and Meditation

Yogavni’s Zafu is a meditation cushion that is closely related to a zabuton. This circular zafu elevates you 6 inches off the ground similar to traditional approaches. The cushion is cotton-stuffed and stays in place, unlike buckwheat hull-stuffed zafus that shift around. The cotton stuffing is also “soft” and pleasant to sit on compared to the hull ones.

Some users find that the zafu is a bit on the firm side. However, if you want, you can manually remove some of the cotton using a zipper opening. This will let out some of the firmness so you can find the optimal balance of support and cushioning for your meditation.

Best Zabuton for Meditation: Conclusion

A zabuton is one of the most useful tools for any yogi to have. Not only is it an excellent tool and prop in yoga, but it serves to aid people in their practice of mediation. It gives your hips extra height so that when you’re sitting, your spine can maintain its natural curve while keeping it maintained. Because you’ll be sitting with more ease, you’ll also be able to keep your position for longer, which will allow you to meditate for longer. Without the zabuton, your feet and ankles can grind into the floor and become sore and stiff.

An alternative to the zabuton is the elevated zafu. However, in traditional practice, these two are combined. If you tend to meditate in a kneeling position, using a zabuton and a zafu together allows you to sit without having your pelvis tilt upward. If you sit cross-legged, the body’s alignment will remain natural and comfortable so that you can meditate in the utmost comfort.

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