Review of the Best Yoga Chairs

Chair yoga is emerging as an alternative, gentler form of yoga for people with limited mobility or higher safety needs. In particular, many seniors are enjoying chair yoga, and we’ve published a guide to chair yoga for seniors. Here, we’ll take a look at the best yoga chairs to start this yoga variant practice.

Ananda Backless Yoga Chair Review

Ananda’s Backless Yoga Chair is a solid yoga chair made from sturdy steel. Like all yoga chairs, it is missing the back, while allows you to try the various poses of chair yoga. Hoewever, this chair hasĀ a few features that set it apart from others.

The base is extra long at 20″ between the feet, which makes it extra stable compared to the standard 17″ for most other chairs. The feet are also covered with plastic to protect floors and avoid scuff marks. Double hinges provide extra strength at the joints. Finally, the front is missing a crossbar which allows you to try the widest range of possible poses.

All of these little features add up to a great yoga chair. At the time of writing, this chair was also the cheapest one available from Amazon.

Pune Iynegar Yoga Chair Review

The Yoga Chair from Pune Iyengar is similar to other basic yoga chairs. It is slightly more expensive than Anada’s version, but it does have the added feature of a cotton grip wrapping. The cotton on the back bar feels similar to a bicycle handlebar and provides grip and protection. Whether this is worth the higher price is up to you.



You can’t go wrong with either of the two yoga chair options above. We prefer Ananda’s version, as it does have a slightly wider and more stable base, and at a lower price. However, if you prefer the grip styling, you’ll have to pay slightly more for it.

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