Joyne Serenity Non Slip Yoga Mat

It doesn’t really matter where you prefer to practice your favorite yoga poses or partake in the perfect exercise routine, this Joyne Serenity Non-Slip Yoga Mat is a great partner either way. Now, it’s easier than ever before to just say “no” to painful knees and elbows, sometimes the result of a less-cushioned mat.

Why Choose Joyne Serenity Yoga Mats?

Let’s face it. There are so many yoga mats and related equipment to choose from, these days. Deciding on the right one can turn out to be daunting. That’s where Joyne comes in! The company tagline, “a better world starts with the better you,” is indicative of their health-oriented philosophy.

You may not have really thought about the need for using a mat for yoga. The reason why I love to use a mat is that it stops me from slipping and sliding. Who wants to slip on the classroom floor and look silly! Another reason why I love yoga mats is that they really do help to keep me stable and protect my sore knee. About two years ago I was dealing with lots of  knee issues, after my knee got stuck in place twice while I was sleeping.  The popping noise it made was just terrible and then by morning my knee was totally swollen. After lots of doctor visits, X-rays and an MRI I was told that I had arthritis in my knee. Of course, knowing my luck, the area where it was is very painful. I have lots of trouble kneeling and bending down too far, which is why I enjoy the comfort of a yoga mat.

Color and Texture

The colorful mat, which is available in purple, blue or matte black, makes it all that much easier to coordinate with your yoga attire. It features what’s described as “superb gripping texture.” So, you get extra-sticky traction, when you need the most… when you’re barefooted and sweating. No more slipping or feeling unsteady when trying to perform a pose.

The last thing you want to is to slip and slide in the middle of your favorite yoga routine. Not to worry. You’ll feel just as grounded whether you’re doing Tree Pose or Warrior I. In the event, that you’re not overly fond of a lot of grip, simply turn the mat over to the other side and proceed as usual. Problem solved!

Memory Foam Construction (and Care)

If you have ever tried a memory foam bed or pillow you will know how comfortable they can be. I love the fact that these yoga mats come with memory foam. High-density foam construction means extra stability and comfort, even on hard surfaces. The 6 mm (1/4″) mat is durable enough to use both inside and outdoors, whenever the mood strikes. Better yet, you don’t have to worry about it giving out, after just a few uses. The mat is suitable for yogis of all levels. It rolls into a compact roll, without issue. Who needs to fight with their yoga mat, right?
Cleaning the mat is easy. Many yoga aficionados recommend using liquid soap and water. Unscented soap is the best option, because it doesn’t leave scent residue behind. If you want to give this mat a bit of extra tackiness, clean it with one part of apple cider vinegar to two parts of warm water. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry, in open air, for several hours.

Eco-Friendly Design

If you do your part, when it comes to saving the planet, you’ll be glad to know that the Joyne Serenity Non-Slip Yoga Mat> is as eco-friendly as it gets. It’s custom blend of materials is SGS approved, not to mention free of latex, toxic metals and rubber.
Size-wise, the mat is accommodating enough so that you have plenty of room to do all of your favorite poses. On the other hand, it’s not so wide that you take up two spots, at the gym. You definitely don’t want to be banging into the person next to you.
The Serenity mat was designed, based on feedback from hundreds of yoga students and their teachers. This helped to ensure that the company manufactured the best mat possible. And, they have the product reviews to prove it!

Product Guarantee

If for any reason, you’re unsatisfied with your Joyne yoga mat>, return it for a refund or replacement. No questions asked. Either way, your request will be handled quickly and efficiently. After all, life is too short to worry about bad customer service experiences. Especially when you can chill out and practice your favorite yoga poses instead.
The only real complaint about this mat, tends to be the fact that it doesn’t come with a carry bag. However, it’s an easy fix. Bags, as well as many other yoga accessories, are available as a separate purchase. For convenience sake, why not add one to your order, today?

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