Best Yoga Mat Brands

Best Yoga Mat Brands

When choosing a yoga equipment, the brand can be as important as the materials used. There are many producers of yoga gear out there! Below we explore the best yoga mat brands.

Not all yoga mats are created equally. Similarly, not all brands create the same product or offer the a high level of customer service. A good yoga mat brand should supply a quality product, great value, and solid core values.


Buy Manduka Yoga Mats Here

Manduka mats are constructed from natural and renewable resources. The idea behind them is simplicity and solid design. They are designed to endure use over a long period of time. In a market flooded with cheap PVC mats, it’s rare to talk about craftsmanship when discussing yoga equipment, but the creations of the ex-architect that founded this company definitely fit the bill.

Since its start in 1997, Manduka has expanded to offer a variety of yoga essentials and accessories. These include mats, towels, and well-made props, as well as clothing and options for transporting everything needed to the next practice site.

The founder is a practitioner themselves, and the name was inspired by their yoga practice. Manduka is named for the frog pose in yoga, and the mats put out by the company are meant to last longer, therefore cutting down on the need for a replacement.

Manduka also partners with charities to fund positive change through donation-based events. Some of these are yoga events available locally and others are online classes. This initiative is called Project:OM. One of the best yoga mat brands available, Manduka pairs excellent products with a strong community to produce a positive yoga experience for their customers.

Clever Yoga

Buy Clever Yoga Mats Here

Clever Yoga’s mats are made from natural rubber. The company prides itself on using ecologically sound and biodegradable materials. It is one of the best yoga mat brands for the eco conscious, offering the basics, along with accessories needed to practice more advanced yoga, such as balance pads and blocks.

This brand was founded in 2014 by a marathon runner who began using yoga to reinforce her ailing joints. The brand grew from its founder’s understanding of what yoga practitioners want from their equipment. Clever Yoga creates well made equipment for practicing yoga, with an excellent warranty. The company is run by practitioners who are interested in producing effective yoga experiences for users of all levels.

In 2016, the company was featured by Yoga Journal as the producers of some of the best props and accessories for improving practice. Clever Yoga offers an individual seven piece set that includes everything needed for those beginning or advancing their yoga journey.

Jade Yoga

Buy Jade Yoga Mats Here

Jade Yoga focuses on the earth with its products, while also offering yoga mats that don’t slip. The company began in 2000 to solve the problem of the slippery yoga mat. Since then, it has been producing mats made from natural rubber and other products. Its line includes basics like yoga towels and mats, alongside blocks and accessories.

The company was founded by the grandson of the creator of a rug pad company, and uses the same materials. This means they came from two generations of familiarity with the materials. On top of eco friendly values, Jade Yoga plants a tree for every yoga mat sold through their partnership with Trees for the Future.

Jade Yoga mats are also made in the United States, and the company strives to help raise money for U.S. based organizations that would benefit from their patronage. Jade is an ethical and eco conscious company with a solid track record with their products.

Hugger Mugger

Buy Hugger Mugger Yoga Mats Here

Hugger Mugger, founded by furniture craftswoman Sara Chambers, began with the invention of a better strap for yoga. From there the company grew to importing European made sticky mats, and since then has been providing well-designed mats and equipment that are free of toxins and sourced in the United States.

Famous for their Tapas mat, Hugger Mugger has made a name for itself creating improved yoga gear with promised quality. They also value a high level of customer service and an excellent work environment, making them one of the more ethical companies out there.

On top of its ethical practices, Hugger Mugger donates a portion of its sales to a new charity every quarter. They also list previous charities on their website, so the opportunity to give does not go away after the quarter ends.

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