Best Yoga Mat Backpacks Reviews

A yoga mat backpack allows you to bring your mat with you, whether you’re planning to go hiking or to go to your weekly yoga class. Below, you can find the best yoga mat backpacks that will help you practice yoga anywhere you want.

Ivation’s Yoga Mat Backpack Review

You can buy Ivation’s Yoga Mat Backpack in several colors so that you can customize your everyday look, or so that you can match the backpack to your yoga mat because if being in style is your thing. The material is a durable polyester.

When it comes to keeping your mat secure, you can’t get much better with this backpack. It has a mat-locker system, meaning, it has a specialized loop and clip system that ensure your mat will remain in its container. On the other side is a convenient water bottle pouch. The backpack also has a strap that goes over your right shoulder, which has double reinforcement so that the weight of the backpack is carried equally and comfortably. This is a full-featured, convenient bag at a pretty low price as well.

Aurorae’s Yoga Mat Backpack Review

Aurorae’s Yoga Mat Backpack works best for yoga mats that weigh less than five pounds; however, you can fit heavier yoga mats in it as long as you’re prepared for it to be slightly less stable and heavier. This yoga mat backpack provides you with the luxury of bringing your yoga mat with you everywhere.

You can buy your yoga mat in the following colors: grey, ebony, purple, green, blue, red, green stripes, orange stripes, purple stripes, and yellow stripes. The price is slightly higher than Ivation’s model, but you are getting a style Aurorae name-brand. The inside is also larger and roomier. A neat feature of this bag is the smartphone pocket, which you can see in the picture above.

Manduka Go Free Yoga Mat Backpack Review

Manduka’s Go Free Yoga Mat Bag is a hybrid mat carrier and backpack. You can carry this bag cross-shoulder or slung over one shoulder. The backpack design fits up to twenty-six inch wide yoga mats, which covers almost all models including the extra large ones. It has room for yoga towels, clothing, and more for when you’re going to your yoga class. Not only is it practical, but the backpack is Eco-friendly because it is made without azo dyes and it is manufactured out of unbleached cotton.

The biggest downside to this bag is its somewhat steep price. But if you really want that Manduka name on your back, you’ll have to pay for it. Manduka also doesn’t have as many colorful options if that is important to you.


Whether you are looking for a cheap, casual bag, or a pricey name brand backpack, we’ve covered three different price points and options for carrying your mat in a backpack.

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