Best Sticky Yoga Mat for Non-Slip Yoga

Are you looking for the best sticky yoga mat? Surface texture and grip are tricky, and we only recommend the few brands that get it right. Read on to learn how to choose a sticky yoga mat.

Why look for the best sticky yoga mat?

We previously discussed ways to maintain a good surface grip on yoga mats, even under the most challenging hot yoga conditions. In short, there were two main approaches. One method was to use an absorbent layer that increased grip under wet conditions. The other was to use a sticky surface that remained sticky under wet conditions.

We decided to take another look at the best sticky yoga mat for a few reasons. Our previous look at hot yoga was an extreme case. For more general yoga, other sticky surfaces should be non-slip as well. Also, not every good hot yoga mat is a good general use mat. For example, yoga towel or microfiber overlays can actually perform worse under dry conditions. That’s why you usually must spray your water bottle on the microfiber mats to get the grip going.

A sticky yoga mat, on the other hand, maintains a strong grip at all times, wet or dry. Some people also prefer the texture or feel of a closed-sticky mat compared to a more fabric-like surface. The latter will also absorb sweat and require more involved regularly cleaning to avoid odors and bacteria growth.

The best sticky yoga mat

In our view, the best sticky yoga mat is still the Clever Yoga LiquidBalance (link to our review). The surface is incredibly sticky, whether wet or dry, and the mat as a whole is easy to clean, durable, and provides plenty of cushion. A coating of TPE provides the extra sticky non-slip upper layer.

However, most high-end natural rubber mats are reasonably sticky. The Manduka PRO, Jade Harmony, and Joyne Serenity  all provide a decent sticky surface. Again, unless you are performing hot yoga or have extremely sweaty hands, these yoga mats will be okay.

Avoid cheap mats that claim to be sticky simply because they have a ribbed surface. A poorly-designed ribbed surface can be much more slippery than a well-designed  smooth surface. The cheaper synthetic foams often have slipping problems. We’re sorry to say that most of these mats from Gaiam, YogaAccessories, or other brands are in fact not sticky enough.

A notable exception is the Clever Yoga Better Grip. This is the cheaper brother of the LiquidBalance. While not quite as sticky as the LiquidBalance, the Better Grip is still much more sticky than other mats at its price point.

Conclusion on Sticky Yoga Mats

If you are looking for a sticky mat, just avoid the microfiber based combo mats, or most cheap low-end yoga mats. Most premium mats should be sufficiently sticky, and the Clever Yoga LiquidBalance is the best of all.

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