Best cat print yoga mats

Everyone deserves a yoga mat which suits their personality. Whether you’re a serious cat enthusiast or you just want to pay tribute to your beloved animal, you should have a yoga mat that you love and enjoy to practice on every single day. Below, you can read about the best three cat print yoga mats for you and your home.

The Bolder Mat Company’s Yoga Mat (Amazon link)

Perhaps one of the greatest perks to buying this yoga mat is that you know it’s made with careful consideration of the environment. It’s latex free; therefore, your own safety is taken into account because a countless number of people have allergies to latex and there are some people who’s sin is simply resistant to it. This yoga mat is also free of heavy metals; therefore, the production of the yoga mat will not cause the runoff of heavy metals to pollute the world’s oceans and water systems.

The mat has a perfect combination of thickness and cushion. This allows you with the perfect stability as you move from pose to pose, and it allows you to deepen your asana so that you fully benefit from it.

RNK Shops Hipster Cats Yoga Mat (Amazon link)

Are you a cat lady and proud of it? Well, you’re in luck with this yoga mat. The best thing about RNK’s yoga mat is that you can customize it. Within a single day of ordering it, you’ll get an Email with a link that shows you how to customize your order. This way, you have the opportunity to use a mat that really suits you and the very essence of your home. You can even order your mat with a custom image or logo on it.

The yoga mat has a non-slip surface to ensure that you’ll stay still while practicing. There’s nothing worse than being in downward dog and feeling your hands and feet begin to slide away from you.

If you’re looking for something professional and able to be customized, you should look into buying this yoga mat.

Uneekee’s Yoga Mat (Amazon link)

This yoga mat has a combination of cat and heart designs that are optimal for anyone with an intense love for cats. Made in the USA, you can also have the confidence of supporting the US economy when you’re doing yoga. It is made of a mixture of a rubber and polyblend, which provides yogis with the absolute best quality while they’re going from pose to pose.

For under a hundred dollars, it’s hard to beat this excellent yoga mat. If you’re going to spend money on anything, it might as well be something you love!


Do you have an intense love for yoga? Do you also have a great adoration for cats? If this is you, then you’ve come to the right place. Any cat lover should consider buying cat print yoga mats so that they can be reminded of the thing they love while they’re standing on the mat.

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