Copycat Yoga Instructional and Educational Yoga Mat

Are you looking to start learning yoga? My main reason for taking up yoga was to stay flexible and to keep a bad knee from becoming too stiff. No matter what your reason, taking up yoga is a great choice. If you’re a total novice, don’t panic. The CopyCat Yoga Instructional and Educational Yoga Mat … Read moreCopycat Yoga Instructional and Educational Yoga Mat

Joyne Serenity Non Slip Yoga Mat

It doesn’t really matter where you prefer to practice your favorite yoga poses or partake in the perfect exercise routine, this Joyne Serenity Non-Slip Yoga Mat is a great partner either way. Now, it’s easier than ever before to just say “no” to painful knees and elbows, sometimes the result of a less-cushioned mat.

Why Choose Joyne Serenity Yoga Mats?

Let’s face it. There are so many yoga mats and related equipment to choose from, these days. Deciding on the right one can turn out to be daunting. That’s where Joyne comes in! The company tagline, “a better world starts with the better you,” is indicative of their health-oriented philosophy.

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Performing Yoga While Pregnant – Is Yoga Safe?

pregnant yoga

Many pregnant women often wonder if they can keep performing yoga while pregnant. In fact, many doctors recommend yoga for pregnant women. If you all ready take yoga classes, there is no need for you to stop. On the other hand, if you are a beginner you definitely want to take some precautions. We have outlined some of these below for you.

Why Practice Yoga While Pregnant?

Yoga can be really beneficial for both mom and developing baby. Yoga is a good way to help get your body prepared for the actual birth of your child. Just look for specific Prenatal Yoga Classes. This way you can be certain that each class has been tailored towards each trimester of your pregnancy. 

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Clever Yoga Mat Review: The Better Grip Yoga Mat

Are you searching for an affordable yoga mat that also gets stellar reviews? With so many brands and styles available, finding the perfect yoga equipment is sometimes confusing. It’s also more time consuming than you might think. Luckily, there’s no need to panic. This Clever Yoga Mat Better Grip is here to save your day!

The most important step in yoga is to get started and stay committed. We want to help you answer nagging questions about mats so that you can move on with actual yoga. Now, more about the Clever Yoga Mat Better Grip…

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Why Yoga? Clearing up Yoga Myths


When you hear the word yoga what is the first impression that comes to mind? You may envision people sitting on a yoga mat meditating and wondering if they are burning any calories or getting any value from this? Many of your first impressions can actually be put down to one thing and that is yoga myths!

Dispelling Yoga Myths

Your thoughts of yoga not being a true exercise is nothing but a common yoga myth and what you need to remember is that yoga is a form of strength training. You are actually using the weight of your own body to perform many of the poses. While you may not end up sweating profusely, you will be getting a great workout.

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